Supplement to improve the appearance of skin and coat in cats - Pet Phos Feline Pelage, 36 tablets

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- supplement for cats participating in competitions and exhibitions, as well as for apartment / yard cats, improving the appearance of skin and coat;
- this product is mainly used during moulting, with very good results over a long period;
- ensures the stability of cell membranes by protecting them from the oxidative action of peroxides and oxide radicals;
- major effect on hair growth and normal skin function.

How to use:

Cats up to 4 kg:
1 tablet per day/8-10 days/month.
Cats over 4 kg: 2 tablets per day/8-10 days/month.

The composition of one tablet:
Processed animal proteins (pork liver), yeasts and similar products, crude lecithin.

Target species:


36 tablets