Thioalpha 600 mg 30 tablets

Thioalpha 600 mg 30 tablets

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- alpha lipoic acid is involved in the process of converting glucose into cellular energy (ATP) - a form of energy that the body can use;
- protects nerve cells from the effects of free radicals - supports the health of the nervous system;
- relieves the manifestations of diseases related to diabetes: diabetic neuropathy, obesity, regulates triglyceride levels;
- Alpha lipoic acid is a fatty acid systematized in the body, but it is found in food, e.g. brewer's yeast.

Active ingredients:
Alpha lipoic acid 600 mg.
Contains no preservatives, colours, sugar, lactose, gluten, artificial flavourings or sweeteners.

Method of administration:

Take 1 tablet per day, before a meal or as recommended by the specialist.

30 tablets