Toothpaste in the form of chewable tablets for dogs, 20 tablets

Toothpaste in the form of chewable tablets for dogs, 20 tablets

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- the gradual formation of dental tartar is manifested by tartar deposits on the teeth, bad breath or the appearance of painful gingivitis;
- contains an abrasive agent (calcium carbonate) and a pomegranate extract that combats the deposition of tartar, but also parsley and mint seed oil that effectively combats your dog's bad breath;
- it is essential to get your dog regular dental cleanings from an early age to teach him, from an early age, the dental care routine to prevent tartar build-up and reduce future dental problems.

Method of administration:
These highly palatable chewable tablets are administered directly into the dog's mouth.
Dogs < 5 kg: 1/2 tablet daily.
Dogs 5 – 20 kg: 1 tablet daily.
Dogs > 20 kg: 2 tablets daily.
Tablets should be administered between meals. For ease of chewing, the tablet can be cut in two. The toothpaste in the form of chewable tablets is administered daily for the first 15 days, after which they can be administered once a day, once a day.

Do not administer the tablets to puppies under 2 months. Always provide fresh water within easy reach of pets. Keep out of reach of children. Keep the box in a dry and dark place. Close the box after each use. The product is not suitable for human consumption.

20 tablets