Vetilea Gastro Gel - 50 ML

Vetilea Gastro Gel - 50 ML

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Vetilea Gastro is a gastric protector for use in case of gastritis, esophageal reflux, gastric stress injuries or in the case of treatment with drugs such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs).
Vetilea Gastro contains a combination of Calcium Carbonate and Sodium Alginate that exerts a double action: protecting the mucous membrane and increasing the intragastric pH.
Calcium carbonate is a classic antacid that has a neutralizing effect.
Sodium alginate gellizes in gastric juice forming a barrier that adheres to and protects the mucous membrane.
There are 2 forms of presentation of Vetilea Gastro:
Vetilea Gastro Tablets: suitable format for medium and large sized dogs
Vetilea Gastro Gel: suitable format for cats, small dogs and exotic animals.


Vetilea Gastro:
Take a quarter tablet for every 5 kg of body weight (one tablet for 20 kg)
Vetilea Gastro Gel:
Cats: administer 2.5 ml / day
Dogs: administer 2.5 ml for every 5 kg
Other animals: administer 0.5 ml for every kg
It is recommended to be taken after a meal or together with food. It can be administered directly or crushed. In the case of cats, it is recommended to grind the quarter tablet to mix it with food.


Vetilea Gastro is found in 2 forms of presentation:
Vetilea Gastro presented in boxes of 28 palatable and divisible tablets for a correct administration with the following composition:
Ingredients Per tablet
Calcium carbonate 200 mg
Sodium alginate 200 mg
Vetilea Gastro Gel is present in 50 ml solution with the following composition:
Ingredients Per ml
Calcium carbonate 10 mg
Sodium alginate 10 mg