Vitamin A, E and C Cream, 50 ml

Vitamin A, E and C Cream, 50 ml

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Cream with vitamins A, E and C is a product indicated in the treatment of dry, flaky skin, which must be hydrated, nourished and revitalized. The emollient components in the formula specially designed for very sensitive skin, ensure the restoration of the elasticity of the epidermis, restoring its vigorous and healthy appearance through the significant intake of vitamin A, E and C.


- restores the natural balance;
- nourishes and moisturizes, ensuring beautiful, velvety and elastic skin;
- highly effective moisturizing cream for daily care of the face, hands and body;
- regenerates epidermal tissue;
- balances the metabolism and pH of the skin, maintaining its youthful appearance.


The combination of emollient oils and especially olive oils, along with vitamins A, E and C has the role of providing the skin with the daily dose of vitamins and basic microelements.

How to use:

Apply externally by gently massaging the epidermis.

50 ml