Vitamin C Ascorbic acid, 1000 mg, 30 capsules, Zenyth

Vitamin C Ascorbic acid, 1000 mg, 30 capsules, Zenyth

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Supplement with pure vitamin C, to strengthen immunity in viral infections.
Recommended for strengthening immunity and reducing cold and flu symptoms. Each capsule contains 1000 mg Vitamin C, the optimal dose of attack in acute respiratory infections.
Vitamin C is recommended for:
- Strengthening immunity.
- Normal functioning of the immune system.
- The formation of collagen in the body, collagen necessary for the health of blood vessels, bone system, ligaments, skin, gums and teeth.
- Support the energy level.
- Maintaining normal energy metabolism.
- Normal functioning of the nervous system.
- Maintaining mental health.
- Antioxidant protection – protecting cells against oxidative stress, produced by free radicals.
- Reducing fatigue and fatigue.
- Regeneration of reduced form of vitamin E. - Increased absorption of iron.

Taken from the first signs of a respiratory virus, Vitamin C 1000 mg contributes to reducing unpleasant symptoms and shortening the period of illness.

1 capsule per day, with meals, or on the recommendation of the specialist.
The capsule can be swallowed as such or opened and dissolved in water.

30 capsules