Vitamin-mineral supplement for cats, 96 tablets

Vitamin-mineral supplement for cats, 96 tablets

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- vitamin-mineral supplement for adult cats, growing kittens, pregnant or lactating cats;
- helps the development of kittens in the growth period;
- helps to harmoniously maintain adult cats.

Adult cats: 1 tablet / day (for cats under 4 kg) or 2 tablets / day (for cats older than 4 kg) in courses of 7-14 days that can be repeated monthly.
Growing kittens: 1 tablet / day until 3 months of age and 2 tablets / day until 10 months of age.
Pregnant cats: 1 tablet in the morning and evening throughout pregnancy, except in the last week.
Lactating cats: 2 tablets in the morning and evening, throughout lactation.
Waiting time: Not applicable.

Target species:

Store in a dry and cool place below 25°C, away from direct sunlight.
Keep out of reach and sight of children.
Use before the date printed on the package.

96 tablets