Zinc Nanocoloidal Minerals+ Zinkum, 240 ml, Pure Life

Zinc Nanocoloidal Minerals+ Zinkum, 240 ml, Pure Life

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- colloidal zinc solution with basic ph that supports the regulation of secretion of the main hormones in the body (testosterone, estrogen, progesterone);
- is involved in multiple enzymatic reactions (over 200), one of these enzymes being SOD (superoxidismutase),;
It is important in the production of all hormones and for maintaining maximum brain efficiency.
- ensures normal prostate function, increases muscle tone and stimulates muscle contraction, relieves insomnia, depressive states, irritability, chronic fatigue and lack of intellectual tone;
- is microbiotic and chemical tested, does not contain nitrates, salts, preservatives, additives, stabilizers, etc.;
- the use of the product in the recommended dose does not pose a risk of overdose, has no side effects and does not interact with drugs.

How to use:

Take two doses of 10 ml each daily, morning and evening, preferably before meals. For an enhanced effect, keep the recommended dose for 1-3 minutes in the oral cavity.

240 ml